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March 29, 2012


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John Smith III

It is somewhat amazing how you still can't teach an old dog new tricks. For years the leaders of the measurement community have been saying that we need to measure impact on target audiences, not just media output. You have even been part of that chorus. Yet here you are spewing the same old media analysis processes and completely ignoring the measures that really matter.


I hardly "ignore" measures that matter, I believe I wrote a book on the topic. In fact, if you did a content analysis of all the various pieces I've written in the last year, you'd find that most of them relate to impact, engagement and outcomes.
I'm also troubled by your term "spewing." You clearly don't seem to understand the purpose of this newsletter, which is to provide helpful content to people interested in measurement. When three agencies and two companies call me in a week because they are plagued with bad data from other measurement vendors and I have to tell them that most of the data is beyond repair, because no one did the steps I suggest above, it seemed like a relevant and timely topic.
I'm sorry you don't agree.

John Smith III

Actually "spewing" is the right word.

Heather Rast

KD, I'm a recent subscriber to your newsletter, and your book sits on my shelf (complete with Post-its stuck on pages throughout). This simple checklist serves it's purpose for me, which is to give pause to consider data roots and regularly examine filters and parameters. To some degree, these things may be elementary but as you suggest in your comment above, can frequently be overlooked by even "big" vendors and companies.

I think Mr. Smith fails to see this post in the larger context of your whole body of work. Perhaps he believes you're pointing to this article with claims that it's a silver bullet solution to gathering business intelligence and insight. I don't believe that to be the case...your book (and more) indicate otherwise. I'd like to add I'm sorry he both missed your message and chose to start an unproductive conversation. Thank you.


Thank you Heather for your kind words. I'm always happy to know that someone is putting all those ideas, thoughts and words to work.

Measure On!

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