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September 02, 2011


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Angela Jeffrey

Katie - first - thanks for the shout-out about my work with VMS. Very kind of you.

Second - your analysis of our failure at VMS is sound. We missed the social media tidal wave. We (like most of our competitors) could only deliver "output" measurement, which wasn't enough today. And we were too darned expensive due to the cost of premium service (human-edited video, human analysis of clips, etc.). We had some terrific products in the wings, but didn't get out there fast enough.

My most thrilling moments with VMS, and with SDI before that, were those that focused on correlating outputs to outcomes. For our sophisticated clients who were willing to be transparent with their sales or survey data, we gleaned some wonderful results.
It was also amazing to work on our Vantage product, which brought PR, advertising and social media together in one place and automatically correlated the integrated score to outcomes. Without question, that was one of the most innovative products in the market, but we didn't have time to ride it out. Of course now with social media measurement, we can link directly to outcomes, so correlations will be of less importance as time marches forward.

I do want former clients to know that all of us at VMS are sorry for what you are going through as a result of our demise. A trustee should be appointed any day now and your data will be retrieved.

It was a privilege to serve VMS and its clients for the last six years. I have great respect for all our management and employees tried to do to meet our clients' needs.

Onward and upward!


Angie, I know whatever you do next, you will be doing great stuff. You bring energy and smarts and most importantly your overwhelming care for your customers to whatever you do. I'm sure you will have lots of options. And as my favorite cousin tells his boys "Make Good Choices" :)


How long before Burrelles tanks now? Home of the pay per clip service.

Johna Burke

Katie makes instructive points in her analysis, especially in connection with the strategy and the mindset that a PR service provider must possess to survive today. Unfortunately, Erin’s comment misses those points.
“The answers are in the marketplace,” Katie says, and BurrellesLuce has adhered to that time-tested axiom since 1888. It's why we remain a major (a debt-free) industry force in 2011. For example, we have long recognized that one of the answers most valued by the marketplace is our human-editing capability. Human intervention in media monitoring and qualitative measurement assures that the social media, web, print and broadcast coverage we track and expeditiously deliver is the most accurate and relevant obtainable from any single provider. This includes so-called “free” services, which aren’t truly free because users must spend too much time—and money—sorting out the stories, comments and posts they actually need

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