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November 26, 2010


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Jeff Molander

But I thought this was going to discuss recruitment of "new customers at a time when consumers had little trust in financial institutions."

So... how did all of these "branding" measures (which candidly I find to be worthless) translate to changing customer *behavior*??

That's what banks like AnchorBank, USAA and Spain's BBVA are doing with social media -- accessing customer's evolving needs and catering to it... to increase share of wallet.

Myself, I would like to hear more about how first direct captured customer demand -- less about how they got people to *feel* or *view* them differently. Because in the end all these ploys to try and make people feel differently about a brand don't amount to bunk. What does? Changing their behavior. Reliably. Thanks for considering.

Jeffry Pilcher | TheFinancialBrand.com

Regarding the "results":

1. What is "brand momentum" and how is it measured?
2. How is "brand differentiation" quantified?
3. What message did consumers see 7 times?
4. What offers are consumers responding to that increased 240%?

This article makes it sound like firstdirect's "Live" site is the single cause of the bank's success, which seems entirely implausible.

Consumer Lists

the new strategy would be to show, not tell. To do this in a credible way first direct had to let its customers share their experiences,

telemarketing list

We're stepping up our commitment to it," Nurdin said. "We feel very good about the mortgage opportunities out there, and we don't feel like we're getting our fair share of that market.

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