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July 24, 2010


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O'Dwyer's comments are so retrograde I just can't even imagine.

If it's all about PR as marketing communications, by all means, let's use AVE! No more of that pesky crisis communication, community relations, reputation management, internal communications, speaker support, CSR, or issues management. We just push product/service, and we do it cheaper than advertising/marketing. That'll work great. Oh, that is, until someone asks to what degree our placements in the shrinking media actually influenced purchase decisions. Specifically.


(BTW, love the Helen Thomas reference...lol)

Bill Paarlberg

Nice to hear from you Sean,

Yes, it's all too common for people (even PR people) to think of PR as just another way to sell things. Or maybe to fix a reputation after a scandal.

--Bill Paarlberg, Editor, TMS

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