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August 14, 2006


Karen Tebbenhoff

Katie - I've not met you, but I have to tell you how amazing it was to come across your blog this afternoon. I was scanning PR blogs and saw your name and recognized you as a local NH PR expert so thought I'd take a look. I was delighted to find this posting about Crescentia.

I'm having a crappy day and was sitting her feeling sorry for myself.
I sit here in my office in Manchester looking at her picture on my desk, the ribbon from her funeral clipped on the frame. I was lucky to be a friend and colleague of hers for 4 years and everything you said rang true. I can't tell you how often I ask myself the exact same question - what would Crescentia do? I needed that reminder today. She would've given me a big fat kick in the butt and told me to quit whining, as only she could!

I hope we meet some day. I worked with Crescentia & Joe at NewCircle and just helped organize the Crescentia CLassic golf tournament.


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