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June 07, 2012


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A third approach would be avoid assessing tone based on the whole story and make the evaluation on the basis of pre-determined positive and negative

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Ensure that these items are agreed with the decision-makers/clients before the real coding begins, though some tweaking may occur as the project evolves.

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Excellent post and i like your wording.


Nice article about traditional media.

SEO Chennai

Growth of modern media marketing ok but traditional marketing media concept is very base & acceptable for anytime logically :)

Marianne Eisenmann

The final version of the Proposed Interim Standards for Metrics in Tradtional Media Analysis can be found here: http://www.instituteforpr.org/topics/proposed-interim-standards-for-metrics-in-traditional-media-analysis/

Paul Capriotti

Excellent post!!! I work in mass media measurement in Latinamerica and we try to apply this kind of principles. For exemple we apply tonality to every topic in a news and combine all of them through a mathematical model!
Congratulations! We need some standards and to forget AVE!!!!. From Spain, [email protected]

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