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January 11, 2012


Bob LeDrew (@bobledrew)

typo in the first line, Katie (As USUSAL?!). Otherwise, a VERY useful post.

Chris Syme

I, too, am not a big fan of Klout. I am always concerned about any measurement of influence that cannot be scaled (it thoroughly punishes small organizations that have deeply engaged, but small fan bases). However, I did read Dan Zarrella's latest free ebook from Hubspot about debunking marketing myths and #6 was "Klout is worthless." I think it's worth a read for perspective. http://www.scribd.com/doc/77906109/6-Deadly-Marketing-Myths-Busted


Klout gives me the creeps also, though my reasoning is grounded in the fact that Klout, which purports to measure social media influence, is losing clout because of its failure to follow social media best practices. It seems illogical to me that so many of us are measuring our social media success based on standards developed by an unsocial organization. Also, it's widely known that Klout is easily gamed. Interestingly enough, Klout seems to be gaming its own system by setting up profiles for people who haven't agreed to sign up, including children, in an attempt to boost its own clout. I, too, recently wrote a blog post about this, if you care to take a read. Great blog, Katie. I'm an avid reader. http://francis-moran.com/index.php/social-media/klout-should-not-be-regarded-as-the-standard-for-influence-online/

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