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September 30, 2010



Technically, Facebook ads are context based, not demographic based.. It's a fine line, but Facebook and similar services take a very different approach to demographics than traditional advertising.

Bill Higbee

Very interesting read. One thought... Isn't the use of context-based ad services like Facebook and Google Adwords an exercise in utilization of demographics? For instance, I would target my Google Adwords via keywords to reach a demographic. Facebook advertising makes it even simpler when can narrow based upon age, marrital status, etc.


Great post, Katie. Thanks for fueling the fire during the panel conversation :)

For more on Traackr's POV on the post-demographic era of marketing: http://bit.ly/diZDcH


Katie, a fantastic post. And yes it was indeed a great discussion on that panel. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Great seeing you again as well. Crossing my fingers you'll decide to attend BlogWorld and we'll see you again there.


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