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September 14, 2010


Pablo Edwards

What a strange time we are living in... Who would have thought that they would live to see print go away?

Nick Stamoulis

As consumers become more and more comfortable with a different delivery platform, the shift in print readership will continue. It's only a matter of time. The news community will need to keep up with the online demand however.

David Geddes

Katie -- I see the most important part of the adage article is the following: "The same content in different venues? The consumer is getting more and more comfortable with the alternative platforms," he said, adding that he believes affluents are simply getting their content in a different format, not doing away with it."

This is a shift in delivery platforms (paper to a screen of some sort), not a shift to consumer-generated content.

Andrew Laing

Katie: as an fyi to this and an earlier post about where people get their news, the decline is not as present in Canada as it is in the U.S. Studies by NADBank (newspaper survey) + the Canadian Internet Project generally indicate that people are including digital news content into their media consumption habits rather than replacing traditional sources wholesale. For Cdn. newspapers, there has been a modest decline in print readership but this has been compensated by increased online readership, leaving overall news consumption from the main news sites flat (a not unexpected result when you think about it). The change creates a challenge for the news media to effectively monetize digital media platforms, but the consumption of news from 'traditional' sources, at least here in the GWN (great white north), remains remarkably steady.

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