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June 23, 2010



thanks to share


We depend so much on automated technology in social media. The advantage is that you task gets easier but at the same time if this technology miscalculates then you are out for a hard time.

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So frustrating. The trouble with computers is that we have become so dependent on them, we don't know how to dig out from underneath their errors.

David Geddes

Katie -- On top of everything else, Twitter is considered by computer scientists to be notoriously difficult for automated sentiment analysis due to the short text length, abbreviations, slang, lack of training data sets, and so on. There are some solid firms in the automated sentiment analysis domain. These others give text mining a bad name.

Tom O'Brien


We all know that computers are as smart as the people driving them. This is true in SM analysis as in all other fields of computing.

Smart ppl + sophisticated tools (software) = useful analysis ==> ideas + actionable insight.


(more here - baking a social media cake): http://tinyurl.com/cgzts4 )

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