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March 24, 2010


Alan Green

Great info and data.
Seems companies are lagging behind the change that is upon them.



This is a great post and perspective on the increasingly clouded measurement topic. I think the increasing desire to measure more sophisticated performance indicators is a great move and underscores the evolution of both Social Media and PR.

We've recently launched a company to answer the question "What if you could measure one channel's effects on the performance of all other channels."

We've created a methodology and algorithm that can measure PR's effectiveness and the degree to which it can magnify the effectiveness of other channels like Social Media, Email Campaigns, SEO, etc.

We're working with our very first customer now. If you'd like some additional info, we are SOCIALtality and can be found at http://www.socialtality.com/about

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Thanks for the enlightenment on this matter. I have always perceive social media as one of the best way to meet potential clients and learning stuffs about this is really a big help. Kudos!

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