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December 22, 2009


Katie Paine

Just to follow up. Jason: We are starting to track the number of new ideas or suggestions now. The criteria is that it has to be a NEW idea that is relevant to the business. It doesn't matter whether they are profitable or not, or when it might be implemented. Just want to encourage the innovation.
Christina, most of those numbers are derived from our billing and timeslips programs, but each team leader has to deliver the numbers each month. The reliability testing is done by the director of research, independent of the team leaders. The client delight has to be in some written form (email, Skype) or come directly to me -- i.e. at a conference, one of our clients makes a point of coming up to me to tell me how wonderful his AE is.

Christina Klenotic


Do both the employee and management have roles in tracking the five metrics or is it incumbent on each employee to share data points for each pillar for his/her monthly evaluation? Just curious if internal tracking cuts into your first metric for each employee.

Julie Christensen

My team was just discussing employee engagement measurement yesterday. We're talking about ways to quantify the big picture environmental scanning piece, too. I love your ratio idea. But figuring out how to efficiently capture it/code it might prove too challenging for us.

Jason Peck

Do you track/measure the number of new or good ideas employees come up with that may be profitable right away or may not be profitable for months?

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