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December 14, 2009


Kris McLaughlin

Great post, Katie! We just got home from buying our grandchildren's Christmas presents (for ages 1-3)at two consignment shops, where for $30 we got a stack full of nearly new books and some very well made toys that would have cost us at least 4 times as much. And they will be thrilled. Satisfying afternoon!


This is that guy in Portsmouth - we hit Goodwill today - four books, a tennis racket (don't ask), and a pin for Gianna for $4.95!

Robin Anderson

Gifts from the heart and home are always the best! My friends tease me that my favorite place to shop is the Franconia transfer station!

Katie Paine

David, you're right. I"m not against shopping, I'm just suggesting that you shop the thrift stores and Goodwill first because you do twice as much good.

david brain

But America makes things too. If those of us 'abroad' didn't buy them wouldn't we all be worse off? Not to say more insular?

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