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November 15, 2009


Brooke Eddington

Awe. Some. I always knew I liked you.

Beth Harte

Katie, you always look fab, so Goodwill wins in my book! Someone just shared with me that they scored an Hermes scarf for $3. How come I am never that lucky?! ;-)

How cool is it that your mom worked for Harper's Bazaar?? It's one of my all time favorites!


Ah, it's good to know I'm not the only one out there. My strategy: 1. Find the GWs in the 'snooty' neighborhoods, where looking good matters the most, 2. Go every week to take advantage of the 50% off deals - usually a different color tag every week. Did you know stores like Target will donate loads of clothes that don't sell in stores? Brand new! I could write a dissertation, though, on why Goodwill is the awesomest.

Kris Pachunka

Visit www.goodwill.org for a Goodwill retail location near you!


Great stuff Katie! We get compliments all the time on how cute our kids are dressed and when they ask where we get their clothes....Goodwill!

Another great thing is to donate as much as possible so others can enjoy as we do:)

Jane Kavanaugh

Katie, Love finding those coats, vests, and hardly worn blazers at GW. I discovered a "bus tour" at the Dover GW last month.


Good idea Robin! There are three that I shop regularly

2454 Lafayette Rd # 2, Portsmouth, NH - (603) 430-2040

47 Chestnut St # 1, Dover, NH - (603) 742-4299

204 Loudon Rd, Concord, NH - (603) 226-4448

Emily M

Bravo! I, too, have become a big fan of consignment and re-use, both for economical and ecological reasons. My shoes and boots these days are repaired instead of replaced; when I need something nice my first stop is consignment -- not Nordstrom. I have a few go-tos that always come through here in Minneapolis. (But I'm not tellin'.)

Robin Anderson

I love this Katie! Do you have an address to share?

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