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October 06, 2009



I love the key message that your post makes that most people forget about these days. And that is to value people themselves. With the extensive facilities that technology can offer us, it is people that we deal with at the end of the day. To make sense of technology we need people to turn numbers into concepts that humans can relate to. I am glad that for my PR program we value this idea and it is something I can reflect on in my blog as well (http://ayeshasattarblog.wordpress.com/) as part of my course work.

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Google is bringing new and innovative changes in it, which is very helpful for everyone. With the help of this innovation, creating a custom report will not be a big deal. You have shared good information on Google Analytics.

I totally agree with you that Google Analytic is only a tool, it will only work if a person has the expertise to use it.

A SWOT analysis

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I agree. You can have as many online tools as possible, but without the expertise to take the information and turn it into a real time solution, it is a waste. I would personally rather have a great one on one with a qualified analyst then to sit in front of the PC and look at pages and pages of metrics from Google Analytics. Great Article


You're right on with this. It's been one of my issues. I'll buy the tools b/c I know I need much better tracking, but because I'm not inclined to use them personally they go wasted.

So I know finding an employee or VA who's is prone to tracking and good at it and then giving them the tools is the answer.

You voiced a good frustration of mine. Thanks


Fully agree,

On our end we try to focus on influencers and "attention" brands get from influencers and community.

We also focus on bringing productivity in building relations / attention rather than automation.
Automated "anything" is, to us, counter productive when it comes to building relationships.
People don't socialize with algorithms ;-)

One of the challenge in breaking from the "keywords logic" is that people are used to Google and "Search Engines". Itis a paradigm shift to move from "every mention on my brand" towards "share of mind & attention" in a specific community.

Here is a link to reports that are built with our solution: http://www.slideshare.net/domlah/amazon-industry-influencers-report


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