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July 07, 2009



wow, I had never really thought to evaluate the value of a good conversation / communication with clients.

Everything you have said make sense to me. I had always thought something like a conversation would be immeasurable!



Well, it seem to be a difficult to say but once you make your move the world will give its light to show u the right path. so do't worry about the evil but thibk on the possitive  side to make it to the future.


monica levy

great post. and shel's was, too. i think shel's point (one of them, anyway) is that accurate measurement of the impact of conversations is difficult because 1)the impact may in fact be the result of multiple conversations, and 2) the impact may in fact be the result of something besides those conversations (e.g., an ad, a blog post, an op-ed, an overheard conversation between 2 other strangers). i'm curious to know, when you're measuring levels of trust and commitment, how you're controlling for the various impacts of all touchpoints relative to each other? this is fundamentally a question of marketing and communications mix, since we can't possibly know with any certainty what/how to increase/decrease whatever it is we're doing in order to deliver the best results with the most maximized spend.

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