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June 23, 2009


Frank Ovaitt

My suggestion: don't even think about using the words "stories you'd actually be willing to pay for." Somebody somewhere will conclude that we believe it's okay to do so.

Kami Huyse

Pretty good, though there a lot of overlap on these. Just a few edits:

We agree...

1. to use accepted statistical models and to be transparent about our methodologies

2. to measure outcomes whenever possible

3. to avoid multipliers and false statistics that inflate results

4. to avoid the use of AVEs, and if they must be used to discount negative stories, stories that do not contain key messages, and stories that do not mention the brand in the headline or top 20% of the story

Richard Bailey

That's all very clear except for the grammar in point three where there's an accidental double negative.

I take it you don't much like AVEs...

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