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December 02, 2008



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Kathleen Buczko

All PR people need to read this -- sociologists have been using mutual relationship analysis since my Aunt Maggie was in the bushes in Samoa! PR is about relationships!BRAVO!

David Sanchez


Liz Guthridge

Terrific post! The beauty about strong relationships is that they take more time than money or other resources. And what do we have during tough economic times: more time than money!

I too follow you on Twitter. Love your Tweets!

tom martin

Nice post. Love the "right arm" analogy. Just sent link to my entire Acct Service staff and senior managers. Well said and given current economy -- great advice. Thanks for sharing.

Primal Media

Great post, Katie.

We often joke about keeping score in our personal relationships (husband cleaned the kitchen w/o being asked, 20 points), yet fail to think about how trust, satisfaction and mutual exchange factor into business relationships.

Reminds me of the recent buzz around how social means more than one. Businesses need to listen & give to form relationships. The people & businesses that become the "right arms" are not those that just talk about themselves. They provide value, they relate.

Followed you from Twitter - keep up the great posts!

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