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October 21, 2008


Joseph Thornley

I feel for the laid off employee.

And I also know that no employer - regardless of how hard we try to provide a caring, progressive work environment - is immune to this.

It's to be expected that the people you lay off first are the disaffected and less effective. And in this era of social media, they can share their views - with little effort.

Regardless of how hard I try to be kind in a termination situation, I understand that it is essentially a gesture of rejection. And it's only natural that the person who has just been let go will search for justification. In doing this, they may demonize even the best organization.

That's not excusing any employer. That's just recognizing that, "There but for the grace of God go I."

Jason Falls

Can't speak to the work environment at Cision, but knowing a few folks there and having worked with them (and been a client, too) would it bee too much of a stretch to think there might be another side to this story? He just got laid off, of course he's not going to say nice things about them. Maybe he was the half-assed slacker that bottlenecked work?

Got tons of respect for you, Ms. Paine, but poking the big boys just because you can without giving a little bit of credence to the fact this one dude might have been the problem, not the other way around, is less that what your readers expect from you.

Two cents from a dumb guy.

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