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July 22, 2008


David Geddes

Are IT managers going to be the ones who really know about the measurement efforts? This is more likely to be someone in marketing. Did Forester survey the right people?


Just to let you know that the WSJ article which served as a source has been corrected. It's not 60% but 6% of the businesses studied that spent more than $1m.


I'm guessing there's alot of IT development and consultant fees in those numbers. Now if they'd spent a quarter of that on measurement, they'd know what they'd gotten for their money!

Mike Keliher

I'm truly curious what the hell they've spent $1 million+ on. Seriously.

Craig Jolley

Ahh yes, and chances are they have no formal communications/launch/introduction strategy or plan and then will claim that it doesn't work because of poor use/adoption.

David Wescott

ummm... yikes.

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