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May 08, 2008


john cass

Was this the sale Richard mentioned at New Comm Forum? :-)


Katie -
Take it from me: once you go Mac, you'll never go back!!


I recently bought a laptop and decided not to purchase (even consider) a HP based on your ongoing experience with them. I ended up buying a Toshiba but I don't need the type of power you need based on your day-to-day. I look forward to hearing how the Dell does for you. Thanks again for sharing your experiences - probably saved me from going the through same thing!



Thanks for the mention and we are thrilled you are a dell customer. I get around as much as I can as one person...and sometimes, we are a little behind...but me and others like me are listening, learning and engaging.

By the way, you are correct. I was jealous but my new XPS m1330 arrived yesterday so I am transitioning over and luvin' it :-)

Appreciate the feedback for Dell and our efforts. Thrilled to work with you and build a relationship, not just a transaction.

Thanks again

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