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February 12, 2008


Bill Paarlberg

Sorry, Katie, I don't agree with you about what Tac Anderson said. He sounds like a nice guy, but all he did was flatter you and say that he couldn't do anything about your problem. He did not and can not solve your problem in any way at all. He's all smooth talk and no action. If that is really, as you say, "one of the best examples of how to respond to an irate customer I've ever seen," then how is anyone ever going to actually get their problems solved?

Liza Jones

Thank you, Katie. I'm humbled by your comments - they really made my day! And thank you for continuing to educate me on trends in social media, measurement, PR, etc.

Spike Jones

We (Brains on Fire) are big fans of Liza, too! And I've subscribed to your blog per her recommendation.

Thanks for pointing out how to do it right, since we all see so many examples of how to do it wrong!

Keep on keepin' on...

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