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January 06, 2008


Adam Zand

Love to get you involved in http://someelection08.ning.com

As always, you were a step ahead of me and GregPC.

Cheers, vote, Adam

KD Paine

kathleen, good question, that's why we'll be correlating the data as soon as the election is over to see if there is a connection. My guess is that people under 40 are coming out big time for Obama, and that's where all the chatter and support is. I'd say yes, it is having an impact.


Interesting perspective given what you are experiencing first hand in NH. My biggest question about social media "really" having an impact on the election is this: what percentage of those who will actually cast a ballot are monitoring and/or participating in social media outlets? The skeptic in me thinks not enough to make a real difference, at least on the scale of a general election...

KD Paine

ooh, I really like that idea. there should be a place on the ballot for "anybody but" or "I'll move to ___ if xx gets elected.

Jason Falls

Great post Katie. I just thought while reading it, though, that if this is going to truly be a social media election, we should be able to not only vote for our favorite candidate, but also vote ones we don't like down. (That'd make things interesting, don't you think?)

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