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August 03, 2007



Great post!
We need to be aware and knowledgeable every time we will encounter laptop problems. Always consult to a professional one.

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It is unfortuante that HP doesn't look after their customers better than this but this will be the last product from HP or Compaq from me including all of their product line.

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I do think they are honestly trying to fix things that happened before Mark Hurd took over.

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thanks for your sharing ,but my HP laptop battery are not well

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[...]I am sorry but dell is hell... and dell's laptop is really a cheap and useless laptops in the World.... when i was buy a dell new laptop its become a hang and cant working at all... and after some days its become a burn i waste my 249$..Shame Dell...!!!!and now i am used a Hp laptop and its doing go job ... keep it Up Hp...!!![....]

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We have purchased refurbs from Apple several times and wouldn't
hesitate to buy more. A guy from Apple once told me the refurbs
go through a more stringent Q/A process than factory machines do.
Plus, they come with the standard Apple warranty
and are still eligible for AppleCare within the first
year should you so desire.


Alright, I bought my Laptop DV6025 a year back from HP. The laptop started giving me problems of the screen dimming out, which is quite common thing with HP laptops. I finally send in the laptop for service and those morons say that mositure in the air somehow leaked into the laptop and hence the warranty doesnt cover the liquid spillage. First they sell these defective technology to us and then they squeeze the customer for full service fee. In fact, Ive had problems with their cameras, printers. I am wondering their level of technology and their commitment. I would never want to recommend for anyone to buy any HP products and their service SUCKS big time......

Katie Paine

to be fair to HP, they are listening. After I posted about my recent problems, I got a call from the Executive offices who are now sending me a new Pavillion 6000. I do think they are honestly trying to fix things that happened before Mark Hurd took over. You might want to check out VendorRate (www.vendorrate.com) where customers can rate and share opinions of vendors directly

Tracy Esau

Thank you for the advance warning. I really appreciate that you are creating public awareness about such topics


Jonathan, among the reasons I bought an HP was that my experience with Dell was like yours. We would place orders and have them canceled without ever being notified. So we'd have employees waiting for equipment with nothing to do. And the HP is a great machine, don't get me wrong. I won't buy Lenovo because of the China connection, so the choices are limited.

Jonathan Joestar

I'm sorry to hear about HP, as I was seriously considering them for my new laptop; I appreciate the warning!

As for Dell, I wouldn't go there too quickly if you're looking for good customer service; While I was perfectly happy the last two times I bought a computer from them (1999 and 2004), my recent problems with them have made me never want to buy from them again.

I tried to purchase a refurbished Dell a week ago, since it was a great buy for the configuration. All was well until this morning when I noticed that my order had been canceled without any notification!

When I called the customer support number, they said that I hadn't authorized the charge (I hadn't received any email or phone notification prior), that the order was cancelled, and I wouldn't be able to get my computer.

When I asked to get a replacement coupon for the one I used, they transferred me to 4 different "representatives" over a period of 80 minutes. Ultimately I was told that since I didn't actually pay for the system, they could not authorize a coupon.

I guess the "award-winning customer service" they brag about in Dell TV ads won an award for "Company Most Likely to Treat You Like Dirt."

I guess the bright side is that had I bought the computer and had a problem, I probably never would have gotten it fixed with the kind of half-baked customer service they offer. Buyer beware!!!

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