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July 30, 2007



As Kari mentioned, start small and build. I have found that it is daunting.

There are the technology hurdles to get over in understanding the whole blog aspect.

Social network sites can be overwhelming and time consuming. To address this, search sites that are a "fit". This means trying it on and walking around for awhile. If it doesn't feel right get out.

The time consumption needs to be effectively managed. Again start small.


I'll throw out two suggestions. First, look at how social media can integrate into the existing program. You don't need to kick off a full blown blogger relations program or spend weeks developing a new community strategy for Facebook. Instead, identify one or two bloggers who are most relevant to your customers, email them and begin building a relationship with them. After several weeks, add another blogger to your list. Then another, etc. Before long, you'll have a short list of key bloggers who know the company as well as your top analysts and press do.

And secondly, have fun. If you love to talk more than write, consider doing a monthly podcast. Or join Facebook. If you start with something that interests you and and then broaden into other social media, you'll be much more successful (I think).

Good luck!

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