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June 01, 2007


Eric Eggertson

Congratulations on fending off the bankers.

It's good to know people are there for you when it counts. That's what a life of making connections and giving to others will get you.


Ron, you can call me anything you like, but the point is that by giving my house, for free, to numerous worthwhile charities for fund raisers, I've enabled those charities to raise far more money than I could ever afford to give. That's why so many people have helped save it.


What a deadbeat! Accepting donations when there are so many worthwhile charities that need help is just wrong. Sorry, no love here. Not paying your taxes for 2 years means you are a deadbeat.

JosephSHaas athotmaildotcom

Congratulations! And re: "the next round of taxes is DUE July 31st", the emphasis on the word "due" is because the bank, by contract MAKES/ requires, that you SHALL pay them until your mortgage is paid off, even if a portion thereof is unlawful as in the state-wide school slice of the tax pie. See my details below. Plus BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY, 5th ed. (c)1979, page 1307 for tax= that N.J. case of a tax, in its essential characteristics is not a debt. You do not "owe" taxes. You pay for Art. 12 reciprical protection. So the sooner you pay off the bank the better to attack the roots for the tax vulchers hovering over your family inheritance. Best wishes to you.

Timothy Horrigan

$125k? I don't envy Katie her predicament, but I kinda envy her web site's fundraising power. In a good week, my TimothyHorrigan.com MIGHT generate five bucks in affiliate-link revenue. And I guess I will take a minute to click on a couple more of the links on Katie's site before heading off to the NH State democratic Party convention! It is good to hear that the farm will in fact not be foreclosed on.

Joseph Thornley

Congratulations Katie.


yay! so happy to hear this.

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