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May 27, 2007


Holly Hunter

I am so sorry for your troubles and will be happy to donate. You have support from Dan and I both, let us know how else we may help?
Holly Hunter

JosephSHaas athotmaildotcom

That's great that Ocean National let's you be 1 yr. behind in your taxes, especially when the state-wide school tax has been declared un-constitutional in the Londonderry case on appeal to the Supremes yet to rule July 1st when the General Court shirks its duty to provide a "General" Tax as in that 1992 case decided by Wm.R.Johnson, Judge retired, that I've highlighted in my case #2006-0935 there. So the bank MAKES you pay an unlawful tax!? Extortion! I think the Banking Commissioner Peter Hildreth ought to put his foot down on this Ocean National to stop their waves of corruption! The tide is turning with your case I hope. Good luck! -- Joe P.S. See also Rose & Milton Friedman's best-selling book: "Free to Choose", Ch. 5 on this subject to subsidize only the "poor" people. 55NH503@505(1875) He won the Nobel Prize in Economics, and we listen to the zombies at the Legislature!? footnote: to file a claim against Blatsos' bond, Dept. of Revenue for not being the check-and-balance on this for you and all of us. Details in my court case for anybody to read.


Jon, in answer to your comment, no I have not successfully refinanced, though I find it amusing that Google has put refinancing ads next to this posting. We're current on the mortgage and on year's worth of taxes. Still have another year's worth of taxes to go to be current. Apparently the terms do allow for immediate calling of the note if you don't pay your taxes, which I agree is draconian, but what do you want from a big corporate conglomerate that's the result of about a dozen different mergers.
And yes, the developers are calling day and night.. it's a pretty ugly.

Jon Leer

Family Farm and Ocean Bank:

Does this mean that you have successfully refinanced the mortgage with another bank?
Did the terms of your Ocean mortgage allow immediate calling in of the loan? Sounds rather Draconian to me!
How willing is your town to assisting you? Particularly if you arrange a payment schedule for your back taxes? Got several more civic events scheduled at the manor over the next year, say Gov. Lynch, the Mayor's Ball, other celebrities? I would think the town would be standing by you to ensure the good PR to reflect on them.

In the mean time, I can just imagine the developers licking their chops, encircling the farm like a bunch of NH turkey vultures.

Jack Krupansky

Oops... you have a broken link where it says "As the owner of a small but growing business, cash flow is always tight"

The link under "business" is:


that should be:


-- Jack Krupansky

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