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May 31, 2007



Dawn, I couldn't think of a better reason to end up in Berlin, and I hope there are lots more like-minded types that will come to Berlin and bring your the sort of SureWoman.com energy with them.


Seems like when we give of our hearts, it comes back to us ten-fold. A lesson for all of us about giving of ourselves generously. The Farm sounds like a fun place. Congrats!


Thanks for responding and thinking of Berlin. We need like-minded people like you to see how far this town can go.
What got me here to Berlin? Love, life and the whole darn thing. Mostly love and a strong need to find peace of mind and tranquility. It's a trade off - I left convenience behind for mountains, and suddenly I am more creative than ever. I can live with that.


Thanks Dawn. Berlin is not forgotten, just misunderstood. For too long, people have seen it as "the mill town" or "the prison town" when in fact its a town of incredibly diverse cultures and opinions which I've found totally delightful. I just hope I'm not the only one that is not inclined to pigeon-hole Berlin into a stigmatized category. Or, if you have to put it into a category, lets call it Berlin, the town of opportunity. And, since Toronto is one of my favorite cities in the world... after Berlin of course, I'm curious what got you from the most cosmopolitan place this side of Dubai to little ole Berlin... ??


Just thought I'd check out the blog as I live and work in Berlin where Kd Paine is located. Good to know that someone is trying to bring jobs to Berlin. I come from Toronto, Canada, and I thought this little town was the forgotten place, so I am glad that Ms. Paine sees it as otherwise.

Laura Athavale Fitton

Calling all Boston Tweeters, you know who you are, KD's is the place to be on Sunday. Wow Katie, your place reminds me of a grander, more beautiful version of my humble wee SonnySpot. The gatherings, bonfires, concerts... (http://www.Sonnyspot.com)

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