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January 29, 2007


Kami Huyse

I noticed the AVE suggestion as well - eee gads! But you can replace that with something more palatable (cost of blog program versus marketing) and the idea of assigning value works. It needs some refinement for sure.

Overall, I think that the the three-step process is a good one, and I really like her idea for assigning risk, but I am going to spend some more time on that soon. My husband is a risk analysis engineer, so this stuff is the evening conversation in my household, ha-ha.

Glenn O'Neil

This has to be the wisest post I've read on the Forrester ROI Blog calculation! (ok along with the post of David Phillips of LeverWealth). Thank you for pointing out the main flaw - using the highly discredited AVE calculation to calculate blog ROI. Is that the best we can do for blog ROI? I hope not...

Katie Paine

Jeremiah, are those costs in labor or actualy hard costs? I know that for us, the typical CGM Monitoring and Analysis program is $20-$30k.

Jeremiah Owyang

Interesting KD. Some of these costs are actually correct. I know from first hand experience deploying a social media program at Hitachi Data Systems.

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