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September 03, 2006



Check out the latest PR Watch report and you will find some interesting Burson "papers" on its first foray into the world of "astroturf" on behalf of Corning's breast implant biz that should have been shredded.
Go to

prwatch.org/prwissues/1996Q1/silicone10.html - 45k - Sep 6, 2006 -


Fascinating report. I did some research for a recent oped in OdwyerPR.com and found a huge seismic increase in negative postings about Edelman around the time of the Andy Young fiasco.

David Jones

Very interesting on a number of fronts. This is the first time I've really looked at your dashboard product and it looks really great. It's a great way to analyze company vs. company.

Did you also track podcast coverage? I'm pretty sure you can subscribe to Podzinger search terms just like Technorati.

Thanks for sharing.

Dave (a proud FH-er in Canada).

Leo Bottary

Enjoyed your post. I've been checking in on the results for a month or so now, and I encourage others to log-in and check them out from time to time as well. Thanks for your work on this.

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