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March 13, 2006


Mike Daniels

Agree with you totally, Katie, that Marcia and Marcus' paper was highly stimulating, and certainly one of my highlights of the conference... The potential use and abuse of Wikipedia entries adds yet another stream to the already complex and continuously evolving CGM measurement requirement... But what is really interesting (well, for me at least...) about Wikipedia's potential as an influencer is the interrelationship between the authority and credibility of Wikipedia (the brand, so to speak) and the authority and credibility of its authors, and how, if at all, naive readers disentangle the two. There is a need for research here... especially as this is an issue gaining some visibility already. For instance, a recent thoughtful NYT piece dated the 12th March by Randall Stross titled Anonymous Source is not the same as Open Source, which also compared EB to Wikipedia.

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