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October 19, 2005


Britt Cutsforth

I'm with you, Katie! I'll drive myself past mutiple monster Wal-Mart stores without blinking and hunt for a parking space at the always-crowded Target several miles from my house.

This is purely an emotional hang-up, as the few times I have been forced into a Wal-Mart, I have noticed their prices are lower than Target's.

But Target has everything I need and is especially good at reminding me of the things I didn't know I needed . . . all the while making me feel smart about saving money in a tasteful and attentive environment.

I have helped to spread the word by sending the post to several of my girlfriends who feel the same way. :)

Ed O'Meara

Nice post Katie.

IMHO, Real Leaders don't need to measure. They do the things that are right. Sometimes the result is financial. Other times it's emotional. They strike a chord by knowing, serving, and sharing their values with customers. (yes, yes, metrics help keep focus along the way...)

Wal*Mart tasked some Target guys to restage communications and all they've demonstrated is Target-Envy. No heart. No honesty. But, then again, how could Wal*Mart share a "greed is good" value proposition with customers? I think the old Robin Hood theme was as close as it gets.

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