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May 09, 2007



Richard, the PDF of the entire book is still there. I tried the link just now and it does work. Just be patient, it's a big file.

Richard Whipple

Ms. Paine,

I stumbled across this link today, and it appears I am too late to read the draft.

From my experience in Poland, local PR practice has a very long way to go (period). I have not met a "colleague" here who can hold an intelligent conversation about ROI measurement. My dialogue problem is further compounded because we do not share the same (measurement-speak) language. I do not have the formalized diction - and I am not likely to pick it up here any time soon.

This presents a problem for me as I wish to return to America, where I was once ahead of the industry curve (8 years ago). I still have much to contribute at the senior levels of my field but I fear I will appear stagnant. And not only appear!

They say if you want to learn how to play tennis play with against the number 1 seed. I am starting to slowly realise that the game level back home, in recent years, has increased the achievement bar.

Would it be possible for you to share with me, a latecomer, the PDF you had once posted here? I would certainly appreciate taking some of the trail dust from my teeth. And I cannot imagine getting my hands on your book here.

Richard Whipple

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