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January 23, 2007


Katie Paine

Thanks for your great comments. Yes, you can definitely reference the chapter. And yes, it will be marketed to CMOs and CEOs as well.


Hear, hear, on the definition of PR! Too many PR folks get swept up in management's definition (which is really more publicity than anything else) than in the more accurate explanation of building relationships. I'm giving a presentation this Wed - can I reference this chapter of your book? Content is great so far. In terms of 'voice,' you might want to introduce the first person earlier in the copy, as the switch on page 5 from third person to first person is somewhat abrupt. There are a few typos, etc., but I'm assuming you'll get all those fixed in the last pass-through, and just want substantive comments for now. The content is great and enlightening for data-driven communications professionals. I hope executives will also take heart - will this book be marketed to them as well?


Sorry, I meant communicator's


Let's start with spelling all the words in the title properly. Communications is spelled wrong.

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