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August 01, 2011


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Joe Smith

I think you need to read what he wrote again:

"What’s been somewhat disappointing is that some measurement companies are trying to get attention or competitive advantage by going around accusing other measurement companies of still using AVEs. The companies making the accusations are often those who didn’t play a key role in Barcelona or Lisbon, and have been using AVEs themselves."

If I am correct he is describing your firm.

Bill Paarlberg

[Joe Smith's comment above is about this post: “David Rockland Sums Up the State of Measurement" which can be read here: http://tinyurl.com/3fsatjl ]

Thanks for your comment, Joe. I did notice that David said that. I am not sure what companies he is referring to, but it cannot include KDPaine & Partners, because:

-- Katie Paine _did_ play a key a key role in Barcelona and Lisbon.

-- And KDPaine & Partners, LLC _never has_ used AVEs.

It is true that Katie and I have argued vocally against the use of AVEs, and, yes, we have mentioned some specific companies who use AVEs. But we've been doing that for almost 20 years. And in that time we have proposed and promoted many alternatives to AVEs. Our goal has always been to do good measurement, not just get rid of bad measurement.

Joe, if you have some other reasons to believe David is referring to KDPaine & Partners, LLC, I would like to hear them.

Bill Paarlberg, Editor, The Measurement Standard

Joe Smith

You couldn't possibly be that naive! I suggest you ask your mentor about her "expert testimony".

Bill Paarlberg

I was uninformed about that particular situation. Thanks for the tip, Joe. And now that I am (at least partly) informed about it, it appears to me that:

-- It's a bigger can of worms than I want to, or am able to, dig into,

-- It appears to be a matter that was resolved in an appropriate private venue, and ought not to be aired in this blog or elsewhere in public.

Whatever the details, they do not alter the fact that Katie and I have been arguing against AVEs, and for alternative methods, for many years. Since before most PR pros thought much about measurement, and in fact since before most of our current measurement-related organizations or events even existed. We are glad that, as David pointed out, Barcelona has at last put AVEs behind us and the industry can concentrate on developing more proper techniques. --Bill

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