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July 12, 2011


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Martin Varesio

In the final, both calculations are just for laughs!

kerja part time

Katie, you're the queen. Lets not forget that.



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Katie Delahaye Paine

Dear Joe,
I am well aware of how billboard advertising is measured, and also do understand the basis of how this figure was calculated, having been measuring various forms of communications for some 23 years. However, you miss my point. If you only judge value by what it might have cost you to purchase that space on TV, and not by the actual results and impact on the business, you can't say that you "hit it out of the ballpark" in terms of results. The press release I received, with a request to publicize these results was in my mind, misleading which is why I blogged about it.

Joe Smith

Your ignorance is truly amazing. You clearly do not understand that the measured exposure is a comparison with outdoor advertising using a static billboard. This has nothing to do with AVE. Before you run off at the mouth you should learn the basics of media and marketing communications.

Tom Nicholson

The more things change, the more they stay the same. A new generation of justifiers making the same mistakes we saw 30 years ago!

Kate Robins

...but you DID end up writing about them and restating their bullet messages. A landmark day for bad pitch success?


They obviously don't read your blog (or your books). Now, what I want to know is whether you're going to call them a Measurement Menace?!

Katie Delahaye Paine

Monica you make a great point. 50% of the metrics put out there are used for justification not improvement. The question you should ask is what metrics do I need to make my organization more successful?

Monica Otulakowski

Hi Katie! While Front Row Analytics based their calculations on data, and mine was pulled out of thin air for fun... in the end, both calculations are just for laughs!

Katie Delahaye Paine

Monica, I love it! according to who's calculations ???

Monica Otulakowski

Agreed. I'm "student" in the measurement world and even with a preliminary knowledge base, I'm surprised that these claims can be made with a straight face. Of course, I'm not surprised I agree considering I am learning a lot from 'Measure What Matters'. By the way, just for posting this comment I earned $4600 in exposure.

Todd Murphy

God Save the Queen...

Your observation is spot on. Using Advertising Equivalents as your only measure, and within a vacuum, gives a very distorted view of success or failure. Quantitative measures, in general, should only be used to evaluate one story relative to another. Qualitative measurement takes a real methodology in order to be truly valid.

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