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January 27, 2008


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Sean Williams

Yeah! And our friends in the Fourth Estate are so pure in the certainty of their superiority; they surely are fighting for the American Way, the courageous representatives of the downtrodden masses in their class struggle to regain control of the means of production from the capitalist opressors...

Bob LeDrew

KD, this is not so much what people think of PR, but what journalists want to think of PR because it makes them feel better about the compromises they themselves have made.

That doesn't make the portrayal any less bruising for we flacky types, but we have to realize that as much as we want to 'partner' with our ink-stained wretch friends, we have to realize that they often hate the fact that they rely on us, that they need us, and that that reliance cuts into their Walter Mitty-esque fantasies involving them receiving manila envelopes in parking garages, so it becomes necessary to slap us down once in a while.

We're easy targets, in part because we've hoisted ourselves on our own petard enough to get wedgies. But that column isn't much more than a bread crumb leading us back to a lesson about our business.

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